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Our Story

History of Euro Sparkles started from the enthusiastic and determined nature of a women. Being a woman, she can understand the core interest of females around the world and change in trends with the time. That is why it has created a huge impact in the European markets.

Dr. Hala Hijazi is the woman behind this Legacy. Amman-based jewelry designer Dr. Hala Hijazi launched her amassed Dutch Jewelry Brand in 2014. After graduating summa cum laude with a PhD in Finance, she began designing jewelry as an escape from the hectic pace of the Finance world. Though jewelry-making began as an accidental love, it grew into a unique and compelling passion for jewelry and the birth of her brand Euro Sparkles.

Dr. Hijazi’s vision is to create affordable luxurious jewelry that appeals to a variety of women. In these economic times a woman requires more affordable pieces of breathtakingly unique jewelry to change every day or with every outfit. Hala continues to create intriguing jewelry for every woman through travel and extensive independent work, she is inspired by Art and the inherent beauty of Gemstone and its healing powers and colors.

These all hard works resulted in Euro Sparkles, a name of eminent jewelry brand around the globe, expanding its stems towards more destinations. We do not create demand by opening shops in different areas… we fulfill demands through reaching our customers within their extent.